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General Information

This General Information section provides you with a description of our music program, and information on how to join. It concludes with a few samples of timeless barbershop music. The Suncoast Statesmen is a male chorus that swells to forty plus members during our concert season. Although we function on an annual basis, we do experience a significant drop off in attendance during the summer months as many members return to other homes throughout the United States and Canada. This has resulted in us developing a tripartite music program that is explained more thoroughly in this section. It also necessitates some rehearsal modifications. While all rehearsals are held on Tuesdays at the Burnt Store Presbyterian Church, rehearsal times change during the year. We open our season in early September, with rehearsals held every Tuesday at 2:00PM during September and October. From November through April, we switch to Tuesday evening rehearsals beginning at 7:00PM. During May and June, we revert to the 2:00PM Tuesday afternoon rehearsal format before taking a two month break during July and August. Directions to the church can be found on the Home Page or at the bottom of this section. We encourage you to pay us a visit; we would love to have you as our guest!

Suncoast Statesmen Music Program

The music program of the Charlotte County Chapter is divided into 3
separate sections.

  1. SECTION 1 -  runs from the end of October through the Christmas season. Songs here are part of “THE MUSIC OF CHRISTMAS”; 10-12 songs of the season that are performed at several concerts in late November and December. Rehearsals during this time are spent fine-tuning the current Christmas repertoire as well as learning 2 or 3 new songs of the season. The Suncoast Statesmen take a 2-week break at the end of December. 
  2. SECTION 2 - runs from the first of January through the end of March, culminating with the production of our annual concert, “Harmony Showcase”. Rehearsals during this time, aided by the use of learning tracks, focus on learning 2-3 new songs while fine tuning our current repertoire. The Concert program itself features a major 10 song performance by the chorus, along with an additional song from each of the chapter quartets, as well as a performances by a local youth ensemble, and a top- ranked guest quartet from the Sunshine District. The concert regularly attracts a full house at Burnt Store Presbyterian Church. The Chapter does not compete in District chorus competitions. 
  3. SECTION 3 - begins the end of April when our ‘snow birds’ have returned back north. During this time, rehearsals shift to Tuesday afternoons in the same location and include a smaller group of full time residents of 16-18 voices. During this time, we work with our director to get a headstart on the music for the following year's show.  The Tuesday afternoon rehearsals continue throughout May and June. The chapter takes a break during July and August, with Tuesday afternoon rehearsals resuming again for 8 sessions in September and October. 

Membership Application and Requirements

Welcome to the Suncoast Statesmen of the Charlotte County, Florida chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. We are delighted and honored that you have chosen to join our chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. We look forward to your participation and enjoyment in this rewarding hobby. To begin with, there are several different methods for applying for membership.
  1. A candidate can apply using a paper application, available through the chapter secretary. Using this method, the applicant can pay either by credit card or by check. NOTE: the society applies an additional $10.00 servicing fee should the applicant use a personal check as payment. 
  2. A candidate can also apply on line. In this case, the chapter Secretary (or other officer allowed to do so) goes on line to the BHS (Barbershop Harmony Society) website to initiate the application. After the initial information is recorded, the BHS then sends a follow up email directly to the candidate, providing the applicant with instructions as to how to complete the application and include payment. The email will also provide the applicant with a temporary password so that he can use the BHS website
  3. You may also choose to pay your dues monthly using the BHS EZDues enrollment process. Please see the chapter secretary for details of this program.
NOTE: There are a number of different categories for membership, depending on such factors as the candidate’s age, whether this is a new, renewal, or reinstatement application, and whether or not it is a request for new, dual, or transfer membership. These differing categories all have differing fee structures. Hence the candidate needs to sit with the chapter secretary to determine the proper application category and fee structure, regardless of which application method he will be using.

The basic dues structure for new members in 2019 is as follows:
Initial Enrollment Fee  $10.00
Society Dues                 $144.00
District Dues                 $25.00
Local Dues                    $5.00
Total Dues                     $184.00
Please note that if you are already a member of another chapter within the Sunshine District and are enrolling in the Charlotte County chapter as a dual member, you need only to pay a $10.00 dual membership fee. If you are presently a member in another district, you would need to pay $35.00 ($10.00 Dual fee and $25.00 Sunshine District fee). If you are transferring your membership from another chapter to this one, there is no fee, but your former chapter needs to be contacted about the transfer. Please feel free to discuss any questions about the application process with the secretary. 

Songs for new and old barbershoppers

Sheet music available in pdf format


Keep The Whole World Singing

The Old Songs

Pitch Pipe

A book of tags by 
Compiled by David Wright

What is a tag, in barbershop music?
It is a dramatic variation put in the last section of the song.

Tuesdays @ 7:00 PM
Burnt Store Presbyterian Church                     
11330 Burnt Store Road
Punta Gorda, FL 33955                   

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